Ajaz Khan Arrested For This Shocking And Vulgar Reason!

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actor Ajaz Khan has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. At latest, Ajaz Khan was arrested by police for sending obscene pictures to a lady.
ajaz-3 Recently, a model has pointed fingers on Ajaz Khan that he is sending her vulgar messages and pictures. Somehow that incident was faded away from the limelight. But, this new incident has made him stand behind the bars.
As per the report, the 38-year-divorce says, she first got a friend request from Ajaz Khan on facebook. She accepted and even exchanged their numbers. She runs a boutique and wanted an investor to invest in her business. On the business perspective, she even met Ajaz Khan but later she understand that Ajaz was interested in her not expanding her business.
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