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After Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan to revive dad David Dhawan ‘ s No. 1 ‘ series – details inside

David Dhawan is very much known for the set of movies that he came up with in the old times, with the favourite most hero Govinda! Amongst all those comic family dramas, the once most popular were the No. 1 Series movies! His son Varun Dhawan has been doing the movies that make his profile match quite a lot to the legendary actor Govinda! Also, the son is on a spree of reviving his dad’s old time movies with a modern touch!

Following the pattern, it has recently been known that Varun Dhawan is now all set to revive his father David Dhawan’s popular No. 1 Series! This series include Biwi No.1, Her No. 1, Aunty No. 1 and a lot many comic movies that were majorly appreciated by the masses!

As per the reports, a source has revealed that David Dhawan and Varun Dhawan are soon to collaborate to revive the old time popular No. 1 Series. Here’s the source quoted, “Impressed with Varun Dhawan’s performance in one of his upcoming films, David wanted to collaborate with his son again for an out-and-out comedy for which he has already begun pre-production and frequent meetings with technicians. However, this one isn’t a remake like Judwaa 2 but an original script that will revive David Dhawan’s No. 1 series.”

The source also added that Varun Dhawan too is super-excited to revive the series and star in it as he is a big fan of such films and has always wanted to be a ‘hero’ in one of them.

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