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After Being Trolled Again, Swara Calls VDW Masturbation Scene “Empowering”

Veere Di Wedding is all praises for its success while Swara Bhasker is all trolls due to her masturbation scene in the movie. The actress is receiving hatred all over social media for her bold attempt! Replying to one of her trolls, she called her act, empowering but got terribly trolled for the same!

Here are a certain tweets that were posted to slam the Swara Bhasker for the scene!

To this tweet, Swara Bhasker replied, “Swadeept! 1. Sakshi was in her PRIVATE bedroom.. not public 2. Masturbation is abt owning ur body, sexuality. Empowering. 3. In a culture that largely silences or ignores or shames female sexuality showing a girl gratifying herself in a film in a non judgemental way is empowering”

Another troll tweet said,

Swara’s reply to this troll was truly epic! She said, “No not really Neha! It’s okay to do something privately and not tell your parents about it. It’s called discretion. Do u describe your morning shit to your parents when they ask you what u did when you woke up? 🙄🙄🙄

Talking about this scene in the movie, Swara Bhasker said, “I was expecting the shock. But I didn’t know that only grannies will be taken to see the film and they all will have a similar reaction. I am very fond of Shashanka Ghosh. So yes, I was nervous. I asked for a closed set. The only thing I told Shashanka was, ‘Let’s make the scene funny, not vulgar’. So yeah, that ‘Wait, 1 minute’ (laughs).Remember that?”

“Our society is very hypocritical when it comes to standards for men and women. It is completely okay for men to do whatever they want. You can show men doing anything on screen. But for women, it becomes ‘oh bold’, ‘oh controversial’, ‘oh shocking.’ So, I knew I would be trolled.” “What would you say to trolls who think it is wrong for a woman to masturbate or who chose to slut shame actors who show the act of masturbation on screen. I think it shows their mentality which is narrow-minded and low. In any case, trolling is you hiding behind the anonymity of your Twitter name being abusive or shaming people who you would not meet in life and even if you do, you would take a selfie. So frankly, I don’t have time to think about them”, she added.

Well dealt Swara!

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