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After BCCI Suspension, Hardik Loses A Popular Brand Endorsement For His Misogyny Comment

One of the best fast bowling all-rounders that India has produced in a long time, Hardik Pandya has landed himself in grave trouble after he appeared on Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan. He would have never imagined what he’ll have to suffer after this one interview.

While trying to be cool on the popular chat show, Hardik Pandya ended up losing more than what anyone would have imagined. Over-enthusiastic Hardik kept making mistakes after mistakes, whereas KL Rahul kept himself down on the couch.

As soon as the episode aired and went live on Hotstar, everyone started slamming the cricketers, especially Hardik Pandya for his disgusting comments on women. People called him creep and misogynist as well as racist. The backlash on social media reached to such a point that BCCI has now banned all the players from appearing on such shows.

Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul have been suspended until a further inquiry by BCCI. They can’t take part in any matches organized by BCCI. A fresh show-cause notice will also be issued against the two players.

However, it seems the problem for Hardik Pandya is not going down anytime soon. One after the other, he is receiving a huge blow. After suspension from BCCI, a popular brand has fired Hardik from endorsing their product. The brand in question is Gillette, which has suspended their contract with the popular cricketer.

In a statement, Gillette said that they don’t support such statements made by Hardik Pandya and they don’t want to carry their association with him any longer. Not only this, several other brands have done the same thing.

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