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Actress Sadhana in hospital for cancer treatment

by Murtaza Rangwala

Yesteryear actress Sadhana, was admitted to K.J. Somaiya Hospital in Mumbai for a nine hour surgery to treat mouth cancer. The actress was reportedly critical following the operation since bleeding hasn’t stopped. However, her doctor declined to divulge any details saying such information is confidential. He did however mention that she is on the road to recovery and would be discharged within the next eight to ten days. The actress, famous for her hairstyle the Sadhana cut, and successful movies like Mera Saaya, Wo Kaun Thi and Waqt was the queen bee at the marquee in the sixties. The septuagenarian has been an advocate for cancer and AIDS patients, even walking the ramp with Ranbir Kapoor recently to raise funds for her favourite cause.

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