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Aamir Khan Liked Ekta Kapoor’s Web Series, An Overwhelmed Ekta Replied This!

Aamir Khan is inarguably the most influential actors in Bollywood. Popularly known as Mr Perfectionist, Aamir is known for his out-of-the-box works. With every film, Aamir gives the audience something new, which has made him ultimate king of box office.

The name of Aamir Khan is more than enough for the success of any project. For past decade, Aamir has been breaking several records at the box office one after another. Most of the time, his film has emerged as the highest grosser of that year. Dangal is the highest grossing Bollywood film ever made. Such is his popularity among viewers.

His success and earth-shattering records at the box office have made him the best man if anyone wants an opinion on films or any projects. Everyone listens to him carefully if he has something to say about specific projects.

Just recently, Aamir Khan seems to be in awe of web series titled ‘The Test Case’ featuring Nimrat Kaur in the lead roles. TV queen Ekta Kapoor has produced the web series. Aamir loved the series so much that he shared his opinion on Twitter. He tweeted,

“Just finished watching a web series called ‘The Test Case’. Really enjoyed it. Really liked the work of Vinay Waikul who directed all but one of the episodes. Loved the performances. Nimrat and the entire cast has done a wonderful job. Thank you guys for an enjoyable bing watch! Love. a.”

एकता कपूर ने कहा 'आई लव यू'

Ekta Kapoor also took notice of Aamir’s comment. The overjoyed Ekta tweeted that she is in heaven and need to recover from this. Ekta tweeted,

“Ok I’m officially in heaven!!! Cannot come back till I recover from this !!!”

That’s awesome, don’t you think so?

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