Aamir Ali Took Twitter To Dig His Anger On Hina Khan

TV actor Amir Ali the handsome hunk has took twitter to dig his anger on Hina Khan. As we know Amir Ali never shied to show loves for Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss. He said in several interviews that her wife Sanjeeda Sheikh and him both are huge fan of BB show they never miss even one episode. If you follow Amir Ali on Twitter profile is full of  Bigg Boss clips.

But, we saw post which indicate that he is losing his interest in this show.
Amir took to twitter to post a clip of Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta fighting over her “girl problems”. Along with it he wrote, “Why so much of #padman promotion in today’s episode.. plzz keep it for finale #BigBoss11 @ColorsTV”

Earlier in the show Hina had made remarks about Sanjeeda by saying that she does not look  beautiful and angelic on camera as she looks in real life.

May, be because of this reason Amir Ali is angry ?

This clip is from yesterday episode in this clip Vikas Gupta was given the task to order the housemates to do things as per his wishes. He started the task by ordering Hina to do a bunch of things which she disagreed to do citing ‘girl problems’. This lie irked Vikas and they had a huge argument over it.

Well, the show bigg boss finale is coming near viewers are excited to see who will win the Title of BB11 trophy with prize money.

Hope Amir Ali will not lose his interest from Bigg Boss show.