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A Twitter User Shared A Video Showing Her Cat’s Drinking Problem, Twitter Is In Splits

Pets are one of the best companions one can ask for. Whether you are a cat person or do person, everyone loves to have a cat. After all, their unconditional love and funny antics are more than enough to make anyone’s day.

Nowadays, a video of a cat is going viral on social media with several people talking about it. It so happened that a Twitter user who goes by the name Mads (@MaddieJoel) shared a video of her cat having quite difficulties in drinking water. She shared the video with a caption that reads, “My son is really bad at drinking water.” The video went viral in no time with people reacting to it in their own hilarious way.


In the video, a beautiful black cat named Dine can be seen struggling to drink water from the tap. By the time of writing, the video has received more than 5.63 million views on Twitter. As soon as this video went viral, many others also started posting videos of their own pet drinking water.

Watch The Video:

After seeing the popularity of the cat, the Twitter user also shared his Instagram account. She also urged people to adopt animals from a local shelter as there are several animals waiting for a home.

This Is How Netizens Reacted:


Is your pet like this? What do you think of this video? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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