Good People Still Exist In The World, A Guy From UK Helps Out A Beggar

It is said that when you try to help yourself without depending on others, is the right way to progress. Everyone is busy in their life because they want to make it better than before, and so we forget to extend our helping hand to the needy.

In today generation, the majority of population believes in being selfish, a guy from UK with major Messiah complex, proved us all wrong.

This man who had gone out for dinner with his friends outside Harry’s Bar. He and his friends was approached by a homeless man for some money. At that very moment, he shocked the world with his generosity.

He gave the beggar his ATM card and asked him to take twenty pounds (Rs 1800) from the ATM. The beggar did want he said and brought back the receipt.

From this, we can know that trusting the unknown does not always betray us. This man is a living example of that and we are nothing but proud of him.

Check out the video:

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