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A Fan Takes A Dig At Mahira Over Her Leaked Pics With Ranbir Again, Got A Mouth-Shutting Reply From Her

You may remember the time when pictures of Ranbir Kapoor with Mahira Khan got leaked on the internet last year. The leaked pictures sparked a huge controversy back then, which has died down or at least we think so. It seems that the incident is still fresh in everyone’s mind, especially her fans.

After the pictures of Mahira Khan smoking cigarette with Ranbir Kapoor in London were leaked, fans trolled her in Pakistan massively. The story went on for days in the neighboring country. During the time, there were several rumors and speculations of them dating, but nothing was confirmed by either of them.

However, it seems that the leaked pictures are still haunting Pakistani beauty, as some people are not willing to forget it at any cost. One of her fans tried to troll her over those pictures once again.

It so happened that Mahira Khan took to micro-blogging platform Twitter to wish Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Hafeez on his retirement from Test Cricket. She wrote,

“Mubarak on a great innings and thank You!! I’m so glad I got to watch you play live. Love to you and the family.”

Soon, one of her fans tried to take a dig at the actress, as he replied,

Lgta hai koi khaas kaam nahin mil rha jab say ranveer kapoor waali pictures out hueen (It seems you are not getting much work since Ranveer Kapoor’s picture have been out)”

However, Mahira Khan had the last laugh, as the actress gave him a reply he would never forget in his life. She simply corrected him by tweeting the right name of Ranbir Kapoor.

That’s called shutting down a troll like a star, isn’t it?

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