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9 Most Popular Netflix Series You Should Not Miss

The binge watching is the new way of watching any TV series, all thanks to multiple online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. However, it has also made our life more confusing, as there are lots of content available. You might find it difficult to decide which show is for you or not. Netflix is spending tons of money on original contents. It is reported that Netflix is going to invest $7 to $9 billion in creating news shows and movies. If you are wondering which show to binge watch, scroll down and check out the most popular Netflix original series that you can’t afford to miss.

1. Bard Of Blood

After the stupendous success of Sacred Games, Netflix is bringing a web series featuring Emraan Hashmi and produced by Shah Rukh Khan. It is a political thriller multi-lingual series consisting of 8 episodes. It is based on the bestselling novel by Bilal Siddiqi.

2. Insatiable

Even before the release of the show, it has landed in huge controversy for promoting body shaming. It is a revenge satire started airing from August 10. The story revolves around Bob, who is a civil lawyer turned beauty pageant coach, who takes in bullied teens as his client.

3. La Casa De Las Flores or The House of Flowers

The dark comedy Netflix original Mexican series was released on August 10. The series revolves around a family of florist, who has lots of secrets and their quests to hide their secrets when it got out through one of the mistress.

4. Ghoul

Ghoul is another Indian Netflix original that was released on August 24. It is a horror thriller featuring Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul. The series revolves around a prisoner who exposes the darkest secrets of the interrogators.

5. Maniac

The highly anticipated web series has a stellar cast in Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. The story of the series revolves around a group of people, who were promised permanent solutions after a pharmaceutical experiment but situations turned ugly.

6. All About The Washingtons

It is an autobiographical sitcom that was released on August 10. It revolves around Rev Run and his wife Justine Washington.

7. The Innocents

It is a supernatural love story released on August 24. The show is about Harry and June who run away from their over-protective families. However, things get complicated when they discover that June has the power to shape shift.

8. The Good Cop

The cop drama show inspirited by an Israeli series of the same name will air on September 21 this year. It is about a disgraced NYPD officer Tony Danza, who doesn’t follow the rules and his son Tony Jr. who is an honest detective who always follows the rules.

9. Disenchantment

Released on August 17, this show is a must watch if you like watching Simpsons. It is about a Princess who would rather drink than do her duties.

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