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7 Scary Facts That Will Make You Shiver

Many among us have once in their life witnessed something so scary that they can never forget.We can easily watch a horror movie but what if same thing happens in real?

Horror is the sharpest part of memory that one cannot forget easily. Here are some really scary facts that will make you realise what horror actually is.

1. The Savior/Killer

Many doctors practicing witch craft in Uganda kidnap children. They used them as a sacrifice. Many protests were carried out against these doctors by children.

2. The cursed film – “The Exorcist”

The Exorcist was a horror film in reality too. Many miss happenings happened during its shot. The set burned down, actors got injured and the actor Jack MacGowran died of Influenza.

3. The Bleeding Walls

Susan and Brian Trost bought a house and soon discovered that Brown spiders were bleeding out of the walls if their house. They later sued the seller.

4. Death While Sleeping

In 1980’s 100 mysterious deaths took place. All people that died were in their sleep. Doctors and families were unable to explain the cause of death. People thought that an unusual creature killed those people.

5. Imaginary Monsters

According to psychologist, when people stares at themselves in the mirror their brain creates an imaginary monster. This effect was known as “Troxler Effect”.

6. Serial Killer’s Apartment

A woman living in St. Louis saw  documentary of a serial killer. She realized that she lives in the same apartment of the serial killer. Name of the serial killer was Maury Travis. He used that house as a secret torture chamber for captured women.

7. The trailer that was banned

As stated earlier, filming off the movie, “The Exorcist” was full of horrifying. Its trailer was no less than a terrible nightmare. It was too scary that when it was played in theaters, many people began to vomit while some even ran out of the theater.

What do you think about these scary facts? Let me know in the comments section below.

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