7 Bollywood celebs who opted for a surrogate child or IVF

1. Krushna AbhishekKrushna Abhishek is the new name in the list of ‘Bollywood celebs who opted for a surrogate child or IVF’. Sources confirmed the news that now Krushna and Kashmira are parent of twin babies. Source has quoted saying that, “Krushna and Kashmira are now parents to twins. They had the babies through surrogacy. Krushna is not here at the moment as he is abroad shooting for his upcoming show The Drama Company along with Sudesh Lehiri and the rest.”
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2. Aishwarya Rai BachchanThis can give you a shock but a portal reported saying that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan went to Thailand for the IVF procedure.
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3. Tussar Kapoor Tussar Kapoor is a single parent of a baby boy whom he named Lakshya. On 27th june he posted on social media about being a father of a baby boy. He posted, “I proudly announce the arrival of my son, a baby boy, born last week through IVF and surrogacy. The baby, Laksshya, is in excellent health. I am thrilled to be a father! “

4. Karan Johar  Karan Johar’s surrogate babies Yash and Roohi are much talked about babies in the industry. Like Tussar, Karan too is a single parent and Karan’s mother support him in every possible way.

5. Amir Khan- Kiran RaoWhen Kiran Rao suffered from miscarriage she went through a very bad phase. Today Amir Khan and Kiran Rao are happy parents of Azad rao. It is also said that Amir and Kiran were the first Bollywood celeb who opted for surrogacy baby.

6. Sanjay DuttWell this couple did not made any official announcement but many portals reported that Manyata Dutt went through IVF procedure which resulted into twin beautiful baby.

7. Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan’s third baby Abram who is cutest sensation in the industry. He is surrogate child of Gauri and SRK. He is often spotted with his father during IPL on ground.
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Whose baby you love the most? Do tell us your answer in comment section below. Stay tune for more news and gossips.

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