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5 things that were not yet done by Salman Khan

Salman Khan of Bollywood means something phenomenal. In his 50 years of life, there are very few things that he has not yet done. He had been a fraud, a friend, a cop, a gangster and what not. But still, there were a few things which he had not done before doing Sultan. Here is the list of the things that Salman had done for the first time in Sultan.

1. Being Wrestler

Salman Khan beating the crap out of people is very common. Bad guys pee in pants just by his mere appearance. But such a Bhaijaan had never played the role of a professional wrestler that too on the international basis. For the first time, Sallu had to learn real combat techniques in order to present himself as a professional MMA fighter.

2. Sportsperson

Salman khan has been a lot of things in the past. He has been a crazy guy, a shoot first asks questions later cop, a disciplined bodyguard, an army man, a goon and what not. Except for the fact that this is the first time Salman is playing the role of a sports personality. Well, another feather in Salman’s hat.

3. Getting a spank

Salman got spanked by Anushka. Yes!!! You read it right and you are not out of your mind. For the first time in the history of Bollywood that someone had the audacity to spank Salman and Anushka did it. In a song, Anushka was seen to spank Salman lightly. Careful Virat, she ain’t someone you’d like to mess with.

4. Sultan in langot

For the first time, Salman is spotted in langot (an outfit worn by Indian wrestlers while wrestling). With the entire crowd around this will be a memorable experience for Sallu.

5. Paunch perfect

The hunk of Bollywood did something that made the jaws of people fall. For the first time, Salman had to develop a flabby belly in order to suit the role. For the first time, people get to see Salman without his six packs.

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