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5 reasons why Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma’s party song from Sultan is going to be a MONSTER HIT!

You cannot miss these EXCLUSIVE details on the song that have just come to us.

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So we told you how Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma are coming up with a dance number titled – ‘Baby-Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ in Sultan. A source leaked some exclusive news happening on the sets of Sultan and everyone was excited about this peppy number. so according to sources Farha Khan has been roped in for this special song as we all know Farah khan and Salman khan is best of buddies. So she will leave no stone unturned to make this song hit the music chart so this has to be special. This song’Baby-Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ is one full blown electrifying and peppy song with Anushka and Salman dancing on this tune not only this but to add more 100 odd dancers will be shaking legs by Bhaijaan and Anushka. But wait until you check out these exciting updates on the track. While the song will be out in the next few weeks we will exclusively reveal to you 5 reasons why ‘Baby-Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ is going to be the super duper hit of the year…

#Anushka and Salman’s unbelievable dancing

firstly, all those who have been under an impression that Salman ‘cannot’ dance are going to be proved so wrong with this one. We have heard Salman has pushed the limits by not only pulling off some of the coolest dance moves but by even pumping up his attitude. ( well that is his style ) Same goes for Anushka who too has spared nothing to own the dance floor with her sexy grooves. It’s believed that both the actors have gone all out in making this song a smashing hit that you’ve never seen before. Well…can it gets any better than this?

#Badshah Rules

While the title(Baby-Ko Bass Pasand Hai) itself sounds so heartening. Dj Wale Babu singer-rapper Badshah has vocal to this tune so just imagine how it’s gonna be. This is definitely gonna be youth sensation and it will be a smashing hit at Nightclubs I mean, don’t we all know the Badshah effect? He is ruling the party space right now with his latest hit Kar Gayi Chull. And then when you know his next song has Salman Khan in it, well it’s bound to rule the chartbusters like there’s no tomorrow.
#Farah magic

Salman Khan all time buddy Farah Khan have been taken charged for this song and she is a hell lot of lady she will make sure that her crew dances on her steps including Salman so is surely gonna be super special. the song has to be believed that fusion of Punjabi and hip hop have put together. Insiders who’ve watched the rushes of the song reveal how the moves are too cool to be true. While on one side it looks all desi. The other side will equally surprise you with some of the spunky moves, borrowed from the West. Oh-my-god!!! We can already visualise the scene of Salman and Anushka showing off their swag. Aren’t you already on the edge of your seats?
#A scene which has Anushka spanking Salman’s butt

Oh! We heard the is one funny scene which will be the highlight of the songs where in one particular sequence Anushka will be seen spanking Salman’s butt. Yes! Can you believe it? We dunno what’s going to be Salman’s response to this but it’s going to be one mesmerizing scene for us to watch. I think it’s probably the first time Salman will be seen getting spanked on his butt by a female co-star onscreen. Well, dont forget in one of the Salman movie ‘ hum Apke Hai Kaun’ where Salman uses rubber slingshot to hit Madhuri Dixit. How excited are you to watch this historical moment to repeat

#Catchy chorus

And lastly, the peppy number and the addictive beats that’ll instantly get you grooving. We hear the song is going to be nothing like you’ve heard before. In fact, not just the beats. It even has a catchy chorus that plays on and off throughout the song, adding on to the feel of the song.

So, guys, this was about it for you to begin your countdown for ‘Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ right here. Drop your thoughts in the comments below and do come back to BollywoodLife for more updates on this hot story.


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