5 Actresses Who Have Lied About Their Age And The Reasons Are Weird

Bollywood industry is such that the common mass is hardly able to distinguish between the fake and the real. There’s a thin line that separates the reel from the real and people often mistake the reel personality of the star as the real one. Bollywood stars are also no less when it comes to faking it. They often lie about their relationships and personal life. However, the shocking ones are when they lie about a basic thing like their age. There are Bollywood actresses who have tried hard to keep their age a secret. While we reveal to you the names, these actresses are now ruling the Bollywood film industry and the only doubt they leave us with is why do they have to lie about their age?

1. Katrina Kaif


She has always maintained her stance that she is younger to Ranbir Kapoor but it’s the otherwise. She is one year older to Ranbir.

Correct Age: 32 Years

2. Mallika Sherawat


Mallika was born in 1976 but whenever she is interviewed you will always get a different answer probably 28 years old is her standard reply so far.

Correct Age: 38 Years

3. Kangana Ranaut


Kangana had once lied about her age, she said she was 22 years old while her passport revealed that she is 28 years old. Then after she ignores any question related to her age.

Correct Age: 28 Years

4. Gauahar Khan


For two years, Gauhar Khan maintained that she is 29 years old. We wonder whether the growing process was working differently for her exclusively.

Correct Age: 34 Years

5. Bipasha Basu


This actress also lied about her age till the time her junior colleague revealed the actress was 3 years older to what she usually tells her age.

Correct Age: 36 Years

However, it’s not fair to ask a lady her age, but it’s equally unfair to lie about something that is so natural. Age is just a number ladies, stay young at heart that’s important.

Murtaza Rangwala

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