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22 Secrets of Mahesh Bhatt and His Family Revealed


The Bhatt family has always been involved in some kind of controversies, although they always liked to remain off the media line. It is no doubt that Mahesh Bhatt is known to be among the top movie producers and directors. There are a few things that made him more popular and famous than his movies. This is no major surprise to us as Mahesh Bhatt and his family remained in the limelight for a long time due to their thought process and mindset.

Apart from the senior Bhattji, his daughter Pooja Bhatt has also been a part of many gossips and rumours.


  1. Mahesh Bhatt’s Marriage:abc

Mahesh Bhatt’s marriage came as a big surprise in Bollywood. He got married to his childhood friend, Kiran Bhatt (Lorraine Bright) in the early 70s. Both of them were studying at the time of their marriage. Although, Maheshji has also been linked up with many other women in his life, he has never compromised on his love for his children.

  1. Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter – Pooja Bhatt:530296

Mahesh had his first daughter, Pooja Bhatt through his first wife, Kiran Bhatt. Kiran or Lorraine was an orphan when Maheshji was dating her. She was just 17 and he was 20 when they got married after she was chucked out of the orphanage. Maheshji was just 21 when Pooja Bhatt was born.


  1. Aashiqui is based on Mahesh Bhatt’s real life story:

You may also call it is his real LOVE story rather LIFE story. It is true that some scenes of the movie Aashiqui is based on Bhatt Saheb’s real life incidents. He has mentioned various things that have happened in his real life too. Maheshji had two children by that time, Pooja and Rahul.


  1. Pooja Bhatt’s entry to the films:


Pooja was just 17 when she entered the film industry. She acted in a directorial debut of her father, Daddy. After the movie was released, her innocent eyes and pretty smile became very popular in the Bollywood film industry. It was soon enough when she started getting more movies to sign up. Like her father, Pooja was also known for her various affairs during her acting career. She also mentioned long ago that she gave up the opportunity to act in the movie, Aashiqui for her boyfriend.

  1. Pooja Bhatt’s affair with Ranvir Shorey:pooja_061614030756

Pooja was known to date Ranvir Shorey, during the making of her film, Jism. However, the relationship came to a sour ending after lots of alcoholism, fights, arguments and physical abuse of Pooja’s brother over Shorey.

  1. Pooja’s first marriage:

Pooja married the famous VJ of that time, Manishpoojabhatt-manishmakhija Makhija in 2003. However, the pair got separated in 2014 due to personal differences. Pooja also tweeted that they both duly respect each other and will hold the same forever.

  1. Rahul Bhatt’s secret friendship with Pakistani Terrorist:bhatts-feb10-6

Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul Bhatt was also in the news for a long time due to his illicit friendship with the Pakistani terrorist David Headley. He was thrown with many questions at a time to bring this friendship open in public. After a lot of efforts and media pressure, Rahul spoke his heart out about his strained relationship with his father and excused it as one of the reasons for his friendship with David. He also stated that the lack of his father’s presence and guidance during his childhood put him in this darkness for long.


  1. Nanabhai Bhatt’s marriage:Picture2

The head of the family, Nanabhai Bhatt was married to Shirin Mohammed Ali, a Muslim lady who was his second wife. She was an actress, while the head Bhatt sahib was a popular producer and director of Bollywood industry and Gujrati cinema. Nana Bhatt Sahib had three sons out of his wedlock, Mahesh, Robin, and Mukesh, and two daughters, Sheila and Heena. Mahesh and Mukhesh turned to be successful producer/director, while Robin Bhatt has also written many successful films like Baazigar. The children were raised according to Hindi customs and traditions at their Shivaji Park residence. It is also believed that the movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani is inspired by Nanabhai Bhatt and Shirin Mohammed Ali’s love story.

In one of the interviews, Maheshji stated that he and his siblings were solely raised by his mother as his father remained absent for most parts of their lives. Nanabhai was forced by his parents to marry someone from his own community. Shirin used to endlessly wait for Nanabhai at her balcony during the time when she was raising her kids alone. Maheshji stated that Nanabhai was just a source of financial support for them. However, he respects his mother’s true love for him.


  1. Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi controversy:parveen_babi_mahesh_bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt’s childhood incidents, mainly about his father and mother, left a great impact on his mind. As soon as Mahesh Bhatt and Kiran Bhatt’s relationship ended, due to explicit affair with the star actress Parveen Babi, things got changed in Bhattji’s life. Despite sharing a cordial married life with Kiran, Bhattji decided to go for a live-in relationship with the gorgeous actress, Parveen Babi. Later, he detected that Parveen Babi was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.


  1. Why did Mahesh Bhatt leave Parveen Babi?mahesh-bhatt-and-parveen-babi-tragic-love-story

In one of the incidents shared, Maheshji stated that while he returned home one night, he saw Parveen Babi sitting in a corner with a kitchen knife in her hand. She said that the room is bugged and asked him to keep quite. This was the first incident that took place and thereafter they didn’t stop.

There were many incidents that forced Maheshji to return to his wife Lorraine. In another incident, Parveen walked naked behind Maheshji when he left the house. Bhatt sahib did not stop himself from paying last prayers to Parveen Babi at the time of her mysterious death. Bhatt buried her and he dedicated a few films like Arth and Woh Lamhe in her memory.


  1. Mahesh Bhatt and his Son Rahul Bhatt’s relationship:mahesh and pooja bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt lived a life similar to his father. He was emotionally and financially there always for his wife and kids. He feels guilty as he became the man he hated during his childhood. His son always felt the gap of a father in his life.


  1. Mahesh Bhatt loved his mother a lot:

It is said that Maheshji left direction after his mother’s demise, as he considered her the biggest support and guidance of his life.mahesh-bhatt-759

  1. Mahesh Bhatt’s second wife, Soni Razdan:CPYE_BEU8AAF52m

Mahesh Bhatt converted himself to a Muslim to marry for the second time. Soni Razdan accepted the fact that he is already married and they both were happily settled. Mahesh gave birth to two daughters, Alia and Shaheen. Alia has become quite popular for her phenomenal acting skills in the film industry. Shaheen is more from the production side.


Shaheen has also written a few scenes of the movies Zeher and Jism 2. She was also an assistance director for the thriller movie Raaz 3. Alia Bhatt was only 18 when she gave her first audition for the movie, Student of the Year. Alia was quite plummy when she was a kid and she was also called Aloo.

  1. Mahesh’s brother Mukesh’s career:mahesh and mukesh bhatt

Mukesh started off as a producer in 1990. He began his own production house, Vishesh films. It is also said that Mukesh Bhatt had a big fight with veteran actor Vinod Khanna, while he was directing him in the film, Jurm. It was then when Vinod Khanna never showed for many dates thereafter. Mukesh took an oath that he will never work for Vinod Khanna again.

  1. Mukesh Bhatt Married Life:4-Nilima-and-Mahesh-Bhatt

Mukesh got married to Nilima Bhatt and has two children, Vishesh and Sakshi. Son, Vishesh Bhatt became a director after his movie, Murder 3.


  1. Robin Bhatt’s professional career:mukesh bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt’s other brother; Robin Bhatt is a popular screenplay writer. He has written script for some major movies like, Chalte Chalte, Koi Mil Gaya, Golmaal Returns, etc.


  1. Mahesh Bhatt’s sister Heena got married to Daksh Suri:mahesh-bhatt-and-mohit-suri

Heena and Daksh Suri had two children out of their wedlock, Mohit Suri and Smiley Suri. Mohit Suri is a well-known director in Bollywood. He has also directed the musical epic movie, Aashiqui 2. He started off his career as an office boy at the age of 16. His mother, Heena was an air hostess and Daksh shifted to Mumbai for her.

Mohit has suffered from some financial constraints after his mother passed away when he was just 37. They lived in a one-bedroom apartment. He also claimed that his father often brought girlfriends for the night in their apartment. He joined Mahesh Bhatt for his further career. When he directed his own first film, Murder 2, his father passed away before the release itself.

  1. Mohit Suri’s marriage to Udita Goswami:mohit-udita-read

Mohit met his dream woman on the sets of Zeher. Although, their relationship was a roller coaster ride, they dated and got married in 2013.


  1. Mohit Suri’s sister Smiley, the Kalyug girl:13sd3

Smiley has also tried her acting skills in movies like Kalyug.


  1. Mahesh Bhatt’s relation with Emraan Hashmi:M_Id_386034_Emraan_Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is Shirin Mohammed Ali’s sister, Poornima’s son. His father’s name is Anwar Hashmi. Who doesn’t know Emraan Hashmi for his serial kissing roles and amazing musical movies? According to the sources, Emraan Hashmi’s heartbreak at the age of 18 got him into acting. His first movie was Footpath, directed by Vikram Bhatt.


  1. Emraan Hashmi’s wife and son:

Emraan got married to his long-term girlfriend, Parveen Shahani. They were in a pure and cordial relationship for 6 years. They also have a son out of their wedlock named, Ayaan.

Emraan has faced tough battles during his acting career. It was when he began the shooting of Mr. X, his son Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the tragedy, Emraan had to complete the movie according to his deadlines and commitments. He has stayed for more than 3 months away from his son for his shoot. Gladly, Ayaan is healthy and cancer-free now.

Alia was unaware of the fact that Emraan Hashmi is his cousin. It was only after his first movie, Footpath; she got to know the truth.


  1. Shirin’s second sister is the grandmother of Milan Luthria:y7e3xh4b5b5ya0w4.D.0.Director-Milan-Luthria-with-wife-at-Wedding-Sangeet-Ceremony-of-Ritesh-Deshmukh_Genelia

Milan Luthria is the one who directed one of the most popular movies, ‘The Dirty Picture’.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this informative article on Mahesh Bhatt’s life history and past secrets. Keep watching for more similar articles on our website.

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