10 Times When Kangana Ranaut Got Successful In Gaining The Limelight

Kangana is the famous name of Bollywood. When she entered this film industry, she wasn’t able to speak a word in English but now she is famous for being in the spotlight for her words. Without any Godfather, she established herself and is giving a fierce competition to her fellow actresses. She is one of those actresses who have the potential to give a blockbuster without any actor. Though she herself made a comment that she is the misfit in this industry but this is also an undeniable fact that she is one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses. She has completed almost a decade in this B-Town and all these years she managed well to be in the headlines. Let’s have a look at her 10 controversies when she shocked her fans.

1. Hrithik and Kangana legal fight:

The tussle between Kangana and Hrithik is at the top of the list. This legal battle between Hrithik and Kangana has shocked everyone in the Bollywood. This fight is getting dirty day by day as everything is out. Twitter is flooded with reactions. Both Kangana and Hrithik are busy tweeting against each other. This fight is  the talk of the Bollywood lanes these days. According to rumors mill, the reason behind Sussane  And Hrithik’s divorce is Kangana Ranaut.

(L-R) Indian actors Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan do an interview regarding the TV show ?TERE MERE BEACH MAIN? (TV show) at Filmcity Studio in Mumbai on August 16, 2009. AFP PHOTO/STR. (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)


2. Her affair with Aditya Pancholi:

Kangana was new in the b-town at the time when Aditya Pancholi started wooing her. Those were the days of her struggling period when she dated Aditya Pancholi who is 20 years elder to the actress. Their relationship was kept under wraps until Kangana gave up on him and accused him to physically abuse her. According to buzz, Aditya helped her a lot during her early days.



3. Affair with Adhyayan Suman:

Success doesn’t come easy for Kangana as she made two ends meet in order to get this position in Bollywood which she is holding right now. Her personal life is always discussed in Bollywood lanes. She grabbed so much attention when she started dating  Adhayayan Suman. Their relationship was going well and then one fine day they broke up. Their break up made headlines and it became worst when Adhyayan said that Kangana only knows how to use, abuse and throw.


 4. Alleged affair with Ajay Devgn:

Kangana is an actress who knows how to manage to be in flashlights. She attracted media again when she was linked to a happily married man ‘Ajay Devgn’.  They both met on the set of ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’. According to buzz, it was just very casual bond between them where none expected anything from the other. But things turned to be bad when Kangana seriously got involved with him and things didn’t work out as Ajay was in no mood to leave his wife.



5. The fuck buddy statement:

Kangana is famous for giving bold statements. She shocked everyone by her blunt statement on a chat show , “Just good friends could be friendship plus fuck buddies. Just friends in Bollywood mean fuck buddies who are little promoted.”



6. Oops moment of Kangana:

Life was never a bed of roses for Kangana Ranaut. Controversy never left Kangana’s side. Kangana was a showstopper of the fashion show in Mumbai  where too much little dress of Kangana grabbed the attention of people around. That little white outfit design by Gavin Miguel revealed more than Kangana intended to.



7. Fairness cream controversy:

Kangana again managed well to make headlines but this time for all the right reasons, after she rejected an offer of fairness cream endorsement. She was offered a good amount for that endorsement although. She herself in an interview said that she never understood the concept of fairness in our country. She added there that she is the public figure and it’s her responsibility to set a right example for younger people. This time, Kangana nailed it.



8. Tiff with Priyanka Chopra:

Catfight is very common in Filmy world. Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra indulged in a tiff when Priyanka Chopra made a comment that she is the leading lady of Krish 3. This very comment made Kangana angry. According to the rumors mills, Priyanka has expressed her discomfort with Kangana Ranaut being around. Later they both settled down their issues.



9. Another bold statement:

The talented Kangana has often been in the spotlight for her blunt words.  She is known for making no hold barred comments. She again made an explosive statement that no one could have done the better job as Datto in ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ than her. Her statement irked many of her colleagues. Divya slammed her by her tweet that says, “Did she really say that. Only one gets the opportunity to get the right thing at the right time. Be grateful because there’s a lot of talent around.”



10. Paris Hilton issue:

One more time Kangana stole all attention when she said that she has been approached to endorse Paris Hilton’s line of cosmetic. After this revelation, she managed to be in the headline once again. Being in headlines could be counted as one of her talents. Later Kangana’s claims were called rubbish. According to the buzz, her ex Adhyayan Suman introduced her with his close friend Paris but Kangana denied everything. Paris even contemplated taking legal actions against Kangana Ranaut for using her name for cheap publicity.


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