10 Most Expensive Versions of Your Daily Favorite Snacks Will Send You In Shock!!

In our daily life, snacks hold a very special place in everyone’s hearts. Even fitness freak can’t resist them every once in a while. We like to spend sometimes without doing jobs and worrying about our daily problems. What do we do in such time? We watch movies, games or some funny videos on YouTube while taking some snacks. That is literally best time of life, doing nothing!! The best part about the passing time is eating loads of snacks before our stomach gives up. We know that these foods are harmful to our health, but who cares! The best part about these snacks is that their price, they come so cheap that we can eat the whole bucket.

But it looks like someone didn’t like that idea of eating cheap snacks that would kill you someday. They wanted to die after eating snacks that would cost a fortune!

This may be the reason for the invention of these insanely expensive snacks. Check out, our list of 10 most expensive versions of your daily favorite snacks, that will not only blow your mind but might send you in the state of shock.

1. Potato Chips

Lays chips are the most popular snacks anywhere. Many Bollywood actors have tried their best to convince us to eat lays more. It has become the national snacks in no time. But it looks like someone didn’t like it. Can you explain the reason behind paying 3K for potato chips? Each chip comes in a separate compartment.

2. Soda

I don’t think anyone is unaware of Coca-Cola. Even if you never had it, you would still be aware of it. That is the level of its popularity. It seems like it is too popular, as people are willing to pay more than 1 Core for a single can. We would have reasoned with it if the can was diamond or gold studded. It is just a messed up soda can.

3. Biscuits

Tea can easily be regarded as the most popular beverage in India. The best way to have chai is with cigarettes. But if you don’t smoke you can always have biscuits. Having biscuits with tea is the best.

That would not hold true if you are having particular biscuits that survived titanic. But suppose if it happened how cool it would be!! A biscuit survived in Titanic was drowned in tea. Damm, I am having the best time!!

4. Chocolate

Come on! Do I need to tell you about chocolate? NAM HIN KAFI HAIN!! It is the best, you can have it anytime. It is your best friend. Apparently, the chocolate named Le Livre costs way too much. It costs more than 35 grand and comes in a really fancy box.

5. Juice

How much juice worth, you are answer would be not too much! But look at the organic Avenue Cleanse, it costs more than 38K.

6. Instant Noodles

The best way to get rid of your hunger is the Instant Noodles. Maggi is known to everyone. Just pay Rs. 12 and enjoy it in just two minutes. But that doesn’t hold true for Harrod, as it cost more than Rs.24k.

7. Cheese

I am not going to go into this. This is outright wrong, why would anyone pay this much for cheese?

8. Sandwiches

Have you eaten sandwiches worth Rs. 13K. if you haven’t, you should try the above one. Do tell us your thoughts.

9. Ice Scream

Ice Scream, the name is enough to fill your mouth with water. I have to have one ice-cream now, but not going to pay Rs. 64K for that.

10. Cake

The cake is a very good snack. Sophisticated people consider this as a snack. But even they will think a lot before going for the Diamond Cake, which costs more than 10 Crore.

All Hail The World!!

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