Vidyut’s beguiling reply to a fan asking ‘No Tweet For Sushant?’

The most talked about death of an actor till date has been that of the alluring Sushant Singh Rajput. His suicidal death has stirred up tonnes of controversies and debates. While nepotism and lack of support has been one aspect, probing on his death from fans, relatives and celebs is another.

Sushant's death and Vidyut Jamwal
Sushant Singh Rajput

Because of his aesthetic charm and love for people, Sushant has gathered a number of fans. This is one of the reasons why not just the common people, but also politicians and Bollywood stars have been penning down posts and Tweets in his memory.

However, not all well wishers took to Twitter to express their deep heartfelt sorrow. The actor Vidyut Jamwal was one of them who didn’t post anything in relation to Sushant.

This did bother a fan who took to Twitter and asked Vidyut as to why would he not post anything in Sushant’s remembrance. Here’s what he wrote,
“@VidyutJammwal hey vidut no tweet for Sushant”


Not very long after the Fan’s Tweet, Vidyut quickly noticed it. He came up with the most winning reply to this. He explained how his words on Twitter would never reach Sushant or his family. He also mentioned that no one would be reading it. He then questioned as to who should he write for.
His words read this,

“Silence speaks volumes if you stop & listen. Absent tears/ inability to write heartfelt eulogies and remembrances could also be a way of expressing grief,Neither the departed soul nor the family is reading the Tweets ,so who to write for? We all grieve and mourn- i do it quietly.”

Sushant works in a film Chichore that will forever be remembered by us. Mainly because it was his last movie before he died and also because the film’s script was based on the cause of his death – Suicide.

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