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Urvashi Rautela Net Worth is $30 Million, more than Rishabh Pant’s Net Worth till August 2022

Urvashi Rautela Net Worth is $30 Million makes Rishabh Pant’s pockets look small. Urvashi is Bollywood’s youngest self-made actress and the film industry is incomplete with the name of this beauty. the actress got into beauty pageants at the age of 15 and won Miss Universe twice, and thumbed down the world with her drop-dead gorgeous looks. From a young age, the actress won Miss Teen India, Indian Princess, Miss Tourism, and many other titles which makes her one of the youngest people to win the most number of pagents. Urvashi Rautela stunned the audience with her action expertise, flawless dancing skills, and admirable looks, She has been the quintessential heartthrob of the nation.

While she continues to reign at the box office, there are many different sources of her income,Urvashi Rautela Net Worth is $30 Million, more than Rishabh Pant’s Net Worth till August 2022. The actress is working in many movies and is being praised by people for her persona and skills. Urvashi has never disappointed us with her work, her recent Pan India film “The Legend” has been praised and loved by the audience. She is the highest-paid debut actress, with 20 crores as her pay cheque. The hardworking actress travels around the globe making India proud on every level and not only has she been praised for her acting career in the world but also for her modeling and beauty.

Urvashi is unquestionably one of the best and most inspirational actresses. She has proved her versatility as an actor. On the work front Urvashi Rautela was seen in “The Legend” and she is a Smile Train global brand ambassador along with being the only Indian judging the Miss Universe pageant.

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