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Rashmika talks about Kannada film industry ban

Key Takeaways:

  • Rashmika Mandanna is currently at the top of her game. She is one of the most well-known and accomplished actors in the South.
  • A significant uproar was also caused by Rashmika Manadanna’s remark regarding the Rishab Shetty-starring film Kantara.
  • In a recent media interview, Rashmika Mandanna talked about trolls, the Kantara controversy, and also her expulsion from the field.

At the moment, Rashmika Mandanna is at the top of her game. She is one of the best and most prominent actresses in the South. 

She even made her Bollywood debut in the Amitabh Bachchan-starring movie Goodbye. She is professionally very successful, but controversy still seems to follow her. 

She has been involved in her fair share of controversies, from her alleged affair with Vijay Deverakonda to claims that she was expelled from the Kannada film industry. 

The comment made by Rashmika Manadanna about the Kantara movie, which stars Rishab Shetty, also sparked a significant uproar.

Rashmika Mandanna was questioned if she had seen Kantara, a critically acclaimed film by Rishab Shetty, a few weeks ago, and she replied that she hadn’t. 

A few fans quickly claimed that she did not respect the Kannada film industry, which quickly turned into a controversy. 

Rashmika talks about Kannada film industry ban
Rashmika talks about Kannada film industry ban. Image from Koimoi

As a result of her judgment to not watch Kantara, she upset many people, which sparked rumours that she would soon be banned from the Kannada film industry. Rashmika Mandanna, however, has now clarified the situation in this regard.

Rashmika Mandanna recently discussed trolls, the Kantara controversy, and her expulsion from the industry during a media interview. She claimed that she only has love to give to those who tease her. 

She explained to Kantara that she had not seen the movie when asked if she had seen it 2 days after its release. She later watched the movie and even sent the team a message about it. 

She mentioned getting a thank-you note from them. Rashmika Mandanna stated that she is not one of those who will post messages on social media and that people do not know what is going on internally. 

She said, “So far, I haven’t been banned,” when asked about the possibility of a ban from the Kannada film industry.

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