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Tunisha’s friend Kanwar Dhillon spotted at hospital with her family

Key Takeaways:

  • It was the most depressing Saturday of the year for the TV industry. Sheezan M. Khan, her male co-star’s makeup van.
  • The information appears to have devastated Shivin Narang and Kanwar Dhillon. According to reports, Shivin Narang and her parents are close.

For the TV business, it was the most depressing Saturday of the year. In the makeup van of her male co-star Sheezan M. Khan, 20-year-old Tunisha Sharma committed suicide by hanging herself. 

The actress from Chandigarh has appeared in several shows, including Internet Wala Love, Ishq Subhan Allah, and Chakravartin Ashok Samrat. When the actress’s staff discovered her body, they hurried her to the hospital. 

But when they got there, she had already been pronounced dead. The actress and her family were taken to the hospital, and the mother of the actress told the police that her male co-star Sheezan M Khan had broken up with her a few days earlier. It caused Tunisha Sharma a great deal of emotional distress.

Her close friend Kanwar Dhillon was spotted at the hospital with her family. The body has now been removed for a post-mortem. They collaborated on the television programme Internet, Wala Love. 

Tunisha's friend Kanwar Dhillon spotted at hospital with her family
Tunisha’s friend Kanwar Dhillon spotted at hospital with her family. Image from India Forums

He was her best friend, in her opinion. Shivin Narang and Kanwar Dhillon appear to be devastated by the information. Shivin Narang and her parents reportedly have a close relationship. 

As they loaded the body into the ambulance for an autopsy, Kanwar Dhillon was visible there wearing a cap.

The JJ Hospital in Mumbai will conduct the post-mortem. Technically, the Vasai Police are in charge of the case. Sheezan M. Khan is renowned for his work on historical television programmes. 

So far, no one from his side has made a statement. Tunisha Sharma, in Kahaani 2 Durga Rani Singh, portrayed Vidya Balan’s daughter, and in Fitoor, she portrayed a young Katrina Kaif. 

Several TV stars have expressed sympathy for her passing. Fans have urged Kanwar Dhillon to show courage. Sheezan M. Khan is being held on suspicion of aiding suicide.

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