Tiara Dhody: An Excellent Model Ready to Rock the Fashion World in Mumbai 

The fashion world seems to be dominated by many modelign stars who leave no stone unturned to add the gleaming effect in this industry. However, as they say – Rome was not built in a day and so is the case of models. They work hard to understand the dynamics of modeling and then get an edge in the glamour world. One such name is Tiara Dhody who comes with a good exposure of the design and fashion world. Thanks to her mother Queenie Singh who is a known fashion and jewellery designer Queenie Singh. It means a lot for the diva.

This helped her a lot to have a fair understanding in this domain, allowing a simple transition in the modeling world. Besides, she is also a competitive designer and has worked with few brands, which makes her experience in the fashion and design world potent. The innovation and creativity in her work make all the difference. She is a versatile person with diverse skill sets that make her a pleasing person all the time.  She is a content creator, designer, innovator and even actress. However, she is a model first and something later.

The other skills only added an edge to her modeling career and it helped her to take a deep plunge in the modeling world. Right from walking on the ramp to being a show stopper to remaining part of several events like book launch, design launch and other business and marketing promotion stuff as a model, she has worked hard to carve her niche in the modeling world. She is rolling the ball at a faster pace and it seems to have helped her to reach the pedestal. In a nutshell, she is treading the best on her modeling path and transcending with every passing moment in her career.