The New Video Of Kalki Koechlin is Trending On Internet

Chrr tak tak taka daka tak chree… goes the steady printing machine,” begins actor Kalki Koechlin in a video that’s quickly taking social media by storm.

Kalki Koechlin is trending on Internet with her most powerful video on women. She is a self-made woman. A woman with firm opinions, opinions about everything related of women, gender bias and favoritisms. She is one of the few Bollywood actors whom we think stands for being a great feminist role model.

She has done us proud again with her new poem, ‘The Printing Machine’, which she has co-written and performed with the best folks at Blush.

Kalki is fearless, driven by her inner strong strength. She has a tinseled charm and unabashed sentimentality. She has spoken correct openly about facing casting couches in B-town and being sexually abused at a very tender age. She has proved again that she is an intelligent actress and her latest work shows that she has a well-honed sense of the world around her and of the struggles women faces across all strata of society.

She is rather famous for speaking her mind without any fear. In her latest video, the actress sends out a powerful message to media and the pop culture for its portrayal of women through an astounding poem written by her. Titled, ‘The Printing machine’, the video has been produced by Blush. It brilliantly highlights the inhibitory norms that exist in the society and how women are described.

Kalki has been gusty in her real life as well as reel life avatars. She is doubtlessly one of the most diversified actors we have today in the film industry. She has won numerous accolades and awards for her screenplays. Kalki Koechlin is the something you just can’t ignore her.

The words, the beats and the visuals in the video certainly create an impactful message for all of us to understand and absorb. She speaks about the discrimination and preconceptions against women in a most creative way. While focusing on the coverage of crimes against women and how the printing machine continues to churn out news that ends up “making us fears everything”. She refers to the 2012 Delhi Gang rape case:

“Chrring a nation that prides itself in the hanging of four men. Five if you count the suicide bastard.”

And to the Uttar Pradesh case:

“Chrr Chrr Chrrring a village dangling of two girls, like pin up dolls, upon tree.”

Well, we as a society need to open our minds and should ask the perfect questions instead of blaming the clothes, behavior for violence against them.

Kalki Koechlin ends the five-minute long video with a startling prediction, calling these “stories” future evidence of:

“How our great Indian heritage fell to its knees at the mercy of our innocent little printing machines.”

The melodious music, Kalki’s lovely expressions and her powerful recital make the video a must watch.

Read the between lines that she speaks, there is much to be learn and act upon. You can review it below: