Truth alone triumphs

We have been listening to this quote since our childhood: Honesty is the best policy. The elders in our house have always taught us this one thing– “Be honest. Don’t let cunning enter your
heart.” But why does everyone preach honesty? It’s because the power of truth is most vital in the world. If you are not true to yourself, there will always be fear in your heart; because whatever is done, you will have zero sincerity towards it, and you will find it almost impossible to take one step forward without lying. If you are trapped in the grip of lies even once, then you will be pulled in deeper and deeper into the whirlwind of illusion. Finally, a day will arrive when the falsehood dominates over you instead of controlling the lie.

Always be aware that if we are true, then we are integrated and at rest. This serenity that we feel is a consequence of our honesty. Because of this, inner peace has descended upon us. Falsehoods are constantly surrounded by turmoil; they are always worried about being caught.

It’s akin to the state of a criminal who is standing before a court for justice, but even he knows that his lies will be exposed for all to see one day; if not now, then certainly later.
The lie is always in front talking to him. The fact is that even a lie is entirely aware of how wrong it is, so it is not surprising that peace of mind is destroyed. Would you call such living a life?
Hence, hold on to the truth because of its genuineness; and its peace.

Nowadays, the cause of many people’s troubles is that the truth within them has been wiped out. They are not ethical to themselves. The main reason behind this is we are impressed by a fake lifestyle, and we diligently run behind it and forget that the superficial lifestyle will only last a few moments. In the end, we will have to face the fact. What will we do then?
So why don’t we establish a life of freedom? Why build a life under the burden of lies? What we need is to breathe freely with the truth under open skies. Just notice the lives of those great people who have set precedents with their honesty.

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