Sonal Chauhan’s take on groupism -“Camps do exists in Bollywood”

The alluring ‘Zoya’ from the super hit Bollywood film ‘Jannat’ of 2008 starring the sexy Emraan Hashmi, is still unforgettable. Sonal Chauhan portrayed the character with sheer finesse. The fans cannot help but remember the outstanding performance she gave in the film. However, despite being an amazing talent, she didn’t receive offers for anymore Bollywood films and she soon turned towards South Indian industry.

Sonal Chauhan

Sonal’s lack of ability to create a strong network and to socialize within the industry may have pushed her back at that point. But today is actress is back with a bang and has a widened sense of creative writing alongwith her aspiration of becoming a superhit actress.

Bollywood actor

In a recent interview, Sonal opened up about the different choices she made after Jannat and also gave her opinion on the latest debate of nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood. When asked about her personal experience with camps in Bollywood, Sonal said,

“Camps do exists in Bollywood. It’s out there and people are friendly with those people and I also at times feel that they are fiercely protected by that group or camp. It’s very difficult for another person to break into it, so yes they do exists. If one wants to be a part of the film industry then they need to interact with people and be friendly. You need to pick up the phone and ask for work. You may get rejections but it’s a part of it. If you are a part of a camp and those people are successful then 100% you’ll also benefit from it.”

After her block buster performance in Jannat, Sonal did receive stereotypical offers for films that she wasn’t in favour of doing. About this she said, “We are all aware that this film industry sometimes tries to objectify women and I did get a few roles where I was nothing but just an object and that’s what the film was being sold on. I am an actor and I have no issues in showing skin if its a genuine story which demands it but sometimes films are just made basically for that.”

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