Shriya Pilgaonkar voices against attacks on Bollywood: “The sad part is that everybody is coming with their own agenda right now.”

With every passing day, a new rift initiates between some Bollywood celebrity with the other. It is believed that what started as a cry for fair justice for the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has now become a tool for people to achieve their own personal gains. Bollywood actress Shriya Pilgaonkar recently mentioned about keeping away from this puddle and also advised others to do so.

The charming Shriya said, “I don’t watch the news. As people we have a responsibility towards how we consume our news, especially when the case is so sensitive and close to everybody’s heart. The least we can do is be respectful about it. The sad part is that everybody is coming with their own agenda right now. What all of us somewhere everybody wants right now is for the right authorities to do their job,”

The Mirzapur actor also claimed that everyone is giving their own perspective on the death mystery and spreading false narratives. Shriya said, “But then there is the truth and then there is everyone’s version. So I am just somebody that does not participate in conversations which are on baseless information. Now we have the authorities handling the matter, they need to be given a chance to do the investigation in a fair manner,”

Shriya further addressed the amount of hatred that is being generated by a few about the film industry. “The hatred that is spewing, the wrong information that is being peddled… I don’t know how it is going to lead to anything,”

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Shriya also stated that the pandemic lockdown has lead to see a varied and extreme levels of human behaviour.  “At a time when we need to operate from a place of empathy and kindness towards each other, people are choosing a convenient route behind their screen to just spew hatred without even understanding what the situation is. I feel very helpless right now. You just don’t know what to do when you see people believing in anything and everything they hear without actual evidence and investigation. I don’t indulge myself in that. It is difficult for me to not get mentally depressed about it.”


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