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Shocking twist in Anupamaa for fans; read what

Key Takeaways:

  • In the current Anupamaa episode, Anu cannot spend time with her daughter Choti Anu and her husband, Anuj.
  • Anuj gets upset with Anu for disappointing their daughter Choti in the upcoming Anupamaa episode and finds out that Pari was the cause of her delay.
  • Leela finds the situation amusing as Anuj attacks Anupamaa. Bapuji observes the heated argument between Anupama and Anuj and feels bad.

Anu cannot spend time with her daughter Choti Anu and her husband, Anuj, in the current episode of Anupamaa. She divides her time between the Shah family and the Kapadia family. 

Anuj instructs him to continue taking care of their daughter. However, while Kinjal, Kavya, and Vanraj leave for work, Anu is left to care for Pari, who is ill. To feed everyone, Anu decides not to travel to Choti’s school in time for the dance performance. 

She rushes to school as soon as her work is finished but arrives a little late. As the competition comes to an end, she is unable to dance. Anupamaa causes Choti Anu and Anuj to shatter.

In the upcoming Anupamaa episode, Anuj becomes angry with Anu for disappointing their daughter Choti and learns that Pari was the reason for her tardiness. 

Shocking twist in Anupamaa for fans
Shocking twist in Anupamaa for fans. Image from

Anuj ignores Anupamaa despite her hopeful glances at him. She tries to take his hand, but he pulls away angrily. The producers will include a variety of turns and twists that will keep viewers glued to the screens.

Anuj will also accuse Anupamaa of taking Choti’s love for granted during a major argument they will have. Even the Shah family is made fun of, as is Anu, for choosing her maayka over her sasural. 

Anuj strikes out at Anupamaa, and Leela finds the situation amusing. Anupama and Anuj get into a heated argument, and Bapuji sees it and feels bad. His family is terrified as he has a serious heart attack. 

Leela accuses Anupamaa of causing the tragedy. At Leela, Anuj becomes agitated and explains to Anupamaa that she has a family. What will take place next?

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