Shahid Afridi’s tweet regarding Kathua rape case gets him every Indian’s respect !

To be honest frankly, the Kathua rape case of Asifa has sent a very huge shock wave throughout the entire nation and worldwide as well. Now, this case is really catching and turning up the heat with time and driving even more attention from all sections of the people throughout the world.

Former and erstwhile Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi who had spoken his opinion and voiced out his take about the Kashmir issue a few days back has now finally spoken about this matter. He recently just took to Twitter and not only has he severely criticized the incident in strong words but also at the same time demanded justice for the 8 year old girl victim and her family.

Here’s what he had tweeted –

Here’s how strongly have people reacted to the same –

The incident is really very bad, appalling and shameful enough and there’s no excuse for that. Instant and quick justice to the family must be given now and the rapists must be given death penalty and sentence. What do you think must be the Supreme Court and government’s decision for Asifa’s rapists ?