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Rohit Lamba the luxury influencer is taking over the Internet with his Instagram post

Rohit Lamba, also known as @iamrohitlamba on Instagram, is a well-known luxury influencer who has taken the social media world by storm. With his incredible knowledge and experience in the luxury industry, he has become one of the most sought-after voices in the field of luxury, fashion, and lifestyle.

Rohit Lamba has amassed a huge following on Instagram, with more than 47k followers. He is widely recognized for his discerning taste and luxury lifestyle recommendations. Rohit has built his reputation as an influencer by sharing his vast knowledge of the industry with his followers. He has worked with a wide range of luxury brands, including Dior, Balmain, and Fendi, to name a few.

One of the things that sets Rohit apart from other influencers is his attention to detail. He knows what it takes to create a cohesive and luxurious lifestyle, and he shares this knowledge with his followers. Rohit has an eye for luxury and a unique ability to identify the latest trends and styles in the industry. His followers are continually inspired by his style and the way he incorporates luxury into his everyday life.

Rohit also shares his expertise in the luxury industry on his website, where he writes regularly about the latest trends, luxury products, and lifestyle tips. His website is a hub of information for anyone interested in luxury living.

In addition to his work as a luxury influencer, Rohit Lamba is also an entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of Insomniacs, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow their online presence. Rohit’s business prowess extends beyond the luxury industry, and he is highly respected in the world of digital marketing.

In conclusion, Rohit Lamba is a luxury influencer who has made a significant impact in the industry. He has an incredible eye for luxury, a discerning taste, and a passion for living life to the fullest. His influence extends beyond the world of fashion and lifestyle and touches every aspect of luxury live

Murtaza Rangwala

Murtaza Rangwala is an entrepreneur and connector, as well as founder of He's a frequent contributor for and provides startup advice on his motivational blog.Murtaza is a serial entrepreneur who loves building amazing products and services that scale. Digital Consultant and Social media Consultant for Leading Bollywood Movies and Celebrities. With more then 12Mn Plus followers on Social media. Have done a campaign for movies Like Sarbjit, Madaari. Engineer turned into Entrepreneur. @thatmedianerd on Twitter and Instagram

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