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Reason for Twitter ban of Kanye West, he went too far this time

Key takeaways: 

  • Kanye West, now known as Ye, is renowned for sensations such as Gold Digger and Stronger.
  • Kanye West has never been scared to annoy people, but his recent rants against Jewish people have been too much for many.

At the beginning of October, he was a billionaire singer, artist and businessman and had dealt with some of the world’s most prominent brands.

Fast-forward only two months, and most of those are no longer involved.

And it all began with a T-shirt.

Paris Fashion Week – 3 October 2022

At his Yeezy SZN 9 show, Kanye, now publically known as Ye, sports a t-shirt with a White Lives Matter saying.

Anti-racism campaigners name it out as hate speech teasing the Black Lives Matter movement.

A photo of Kanye posing with conservative host Candace Owens, sporting a matching top, goes viral on the internet.

It doesn’t go down nicely, and fanatics and fellow hip-hop celebs line up to call him out.

Instagram ban – 7 October

Kanye gets concerned in a row with singer Diddy, who uploads a video criticising the White Lives Matter shirts.

In an Instagram upload, Kanye seems to tell Diddy is being handled by Jews. Ye is accused of antisemitism, and his handle is suspended.

Adidas says it’s checking its contract with Kanye.

48 hours on Twitter – 10 October

Kanye – who hasn’t uploaded on Twitter for nearly two years – was back to the bird and sought Mark Zuckerberg, the chief of Facebook and Instagram.

He then tweets which seem to be a threat directed at Jews.

Twitter follows Instagram’s action and bans him.

Brands turn their backs – Late October

A nasty week for Kanye as important firms declares they no longer want to work with him.

Fashion home Balenciaga and talent scouts Creative Artists Agency ensure JP Morgan bank and clothes shop Gap in ditching the artist.

Adidas comes under rising pressure to do the exact.

Bye-bye Adidas, bye-bye billionaire class – 25 October

Adidas declares it’s splitting ways with Kanye.

Breaking the partnership means Adidas will make a net loss of £217m in 2022.

But it’s a more extensive loss for Kanye, who is calculated to make $1.5bn from his agreement with the sportswear giant.

US money magazine Forbes states he is no longer a billionaire and sets his new net worth at $400m.

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