Rangoli Blasts Aditya Pancholi On His Video Proof Showing Kangana’s Rape accusations


A long time ago, Kangana Ranaut accused her ex Aditya Pancholi and filed a complaint against him for physical violence, sexual harassment, molestation, and house arrest. Ever since then, they have been on each other loggerheads. Their fight is getting uglier as the day progresses.

In the latest development, Aditya Pancholi released a video with leading News channel Indian Today showing Pancholi sitting with his wife Zarina Wahab talking to Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan Siddique. In the video, Siddique can be seen threatening Pancholi and his wife to accept Kangana’s sister demands or else they’ll frame him in a false rape case.

This video has been submitted to the police as a proof showing Kangana is conspiring to defame him. The video took the internet by storm.

Finally, the video also reached to Rangoli Chandel, who has been slamming several Bollywood stars on behalf of her sister Kangana. She has always been pretty vocal about whatever she feels and this time is no different.

She took to Twitter to hits back at the Aditya Pancholi unaffected by the latest viral video. She launched an all-out attack in a series of Tweets slamming Aditya Pancholi. She also put some clarification about the viral video.

This is what Rangoli tweeted:

Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi’s fight is getting uglier and uglier with every passing day. Recently, Pancholi has filed a defamation suit against Kangana. We can only hope that their public fights get sorted out pretty soon.