PUBG Addiction compels a Punjab teenager to withdraw INR 16 lakhs from father’s bank account to avail in-app purchases

PUBG is fiercely becoming world’s most addictive game. With youngsters stuck on to it for hours and hours together, the addiction seems to be getting really strong. Amidst the lockdown, the screen time has increased manifolds which has ultimately brought several teenagers under its spell.

PUBG Addiction

However, a 17 years old boy from Punjab drove his addiction to another level altogether. Inorder to buy the virtual ammunition for PUBG, the Kharar resident used up a whooping amount of Rs. 16 lakhs from his father’s bank account.

The boy smartly demanded his father’s phone for every purchase by virtue of online classes. He’d use this access and purchase PUBG essentials for himself and his friends too.

His father only found out about it when he saw the bank’s account statement. The father who is a bank employee is posted in another city. He mentioned that he had been saving the money for his medical treatment.

Addictive game

PUBG addiction is taking a toll on the lives of many youngsters. One of Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district’s 22 – year old resident comitted suicide last week. The family has been blaming the game’s addiction for the loss of his life.

Another case of a 12- year – old youth robbing Rs. 3 lakhs in cash from his parents was reported in March. The Gujarat Police later reported that the boy had stolen the money to pay his friends as he had lost few PUBG games with them.

The parents running a grocery store in Kutch found out that a group of teenagers had roped him into this addiction. They were well aware of the missing of the cash from their safes in the store. Hence, they kept a quite watch on it. It was only one night later did they catch hold of their son red handed stealing the money. The parents were left with no choice but to report to the police.

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