Pranjal Agrawal’s Hèrmosa design studio to change the phase of the Indian décor world

Pranjal Agarwal to be the next business biggie as this businessman with his tremendous business knowledge in the interior designing world has paved way to a number of business opportunities in the similar industry.

Pranjal began his journey with a social project by becoming a part of Prime Ministers ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ where he manufactured 4,000 toilets in Rajasthan.

Hèrmosa Design Studio a classic interior décor firm that refines bold and classic interior designing tastes has reached the moons under the leadership of Pranjal Agarwal.

Pranjal Agarwal with his achievements at a young age proved his business sense and went on generating tremendous business opportunities also making money and preaching thousands regarding the interior designing techniques and importance in one’s life.

When asked about the same Pranjal states “The high rises and apartment culture has been coming to tier two cities, but the organised sector for
furniture is still lagging behind. To address this gap in the market, I founded Hèrmosa Design Studio last
year as a one-stop solution for all housing requirements that crafts highly functional furniture pieces that
take cognisance of the space constraints, but also become a part of the house, and instead of living on as
a showpiece. The USP of our brand is that every piece is completely customisable, depending on the
budget and fittings required. This is why, every piece at Hèrmosa feels one-of-its-kind and made to measure”