Open Letter To All Politicians, Who Thinks Rapes Happens Because Women Exist

Dear sir/mam.

You remember right that you were given birth by a woman herself. Who was once a teenager and a young girl. You remember this right that she cared for you, kept her in her womb for 9 months before dedicating her life to you. You remember right how she loves you and fights for you even when you are wrong right. I feel sorry to say, where did these qualities go? They didn’t transfer from her to you.

You think women, get raped because they go out in the evening or stroll at night. Do you remember your mum picking you up from school and extra classes? Do you remember how your mum or elder sister took you out to the nearest shop for ice cream? Why didn’t you stop them then? Because going means an open invitation for rape, right?

Who thinks that wearing a jeans and ‘western clothes’, disrupts our Indian culture. Do you remember your grandmother wearing a blose or covering her belly? You, who thinks women smoking are loose and asking for it, don’t remember your grandmother chewing tobacco? Why didn’t you stop them?

When you think that late night movie, talking with boys get a girl pregnant, now is that how you made your baby? You talked to your wife or husband all night and 9 months later. Putting on red lipstick and heels is because we want to lure men, then why did your wife dress in that for her wedding?

You think let them get raped or burned or churned because these women are not related to you. Let India’s daughters fight for themselves, defend themselves. Our women are safe inside our homes, in a pallu with a 6 p.m. deadline, with no education and goons for her protection, right? Let me tell you sir/mam, we are women. We can fight, love, care and give birth to people like you.

So when you go on to the microphone and bestow your knowledge on how a female gets pregnant after drinking a male’s tears. Or how we should dress or when we should go out.


India’s Daughter.