OMG! Koena Mitra Sentenced To 6 Months Jail, Here’s Why?


Koena Mitra was recently in the news for calling Nora Fatehi’s remake of Saki Saki a mess. Well, she is yet again back at it, Koena has been sentenced to 6 months jail on basis of cheque bounce case. 

Well according to a report, “Mitra borrowed Rs 22 lakh from Poonam Sethi over a period of time. During the repayment of this loan, Mitra gave a cheque of Rs 3 lakh to Sethi, which was dishonoured by the bank. Sethi first sent a legal notice to Mitra on July 19, 2013 (mandatory as per the provisions of the Negotiable Instruments Act before the complainant can take action). Mitra, however, failed to repay the amount even at this stage. Sethi then filed a complaint in the court on October 10, 2013. During the hearing, Mitra denied all allegations and sought to defend herself mainly on two grounds: that Sethi did not have the financial capacity to lend Rs 22 lakh, and that she stole her cheques. The magistrate, however, did not accept her defence. The court added that Mitra did not mention this allegation in her reply to the notice sent by Sethi, neither did she take any further action.”

When the reporters got in touch with Koena Mitra she said, “The case is totally false and I have been framed in the matter. During the final argument, my lawyer could not be present in the court and hence my side was not heard and the order was passed without my hearing. We will be challenging the judgement in the higher court and my lawyers are in the process of appealing.”

Let’s see what is in store for Koena Mitra pertaining to this court case in future.