Neha Dhupia on completing 20 years in the film industry: “I packed my suitcase for two months, and stayed on here for 20 years!”

Reminiscing her first film back in 2000 which was a Japanese film, the stunning Neha Dhupia is all happy as she completes 20 years in the industry. The actress who decided to only stay for two months in the showbiz, never had in her wildest dreams thought that she would last her for so long.

Neha Dhupia celebrates 20 years in the industry

Describing her experience the 40 years old Neha said, “The fact that I have lasted this long! I have worked every day of my life. Did I think I was going to survive and last this long? Not at all. I was in the midst of a decision, whether I should write my IAS papers or not 20 years ago, and Miss India. I went in for the latter thinking it will be a short stint and I will come back in three months. I packed my suitcase for two months, and stayed on here for 20 years! Did I think it was going to happen? It’s life, you have just got to play along,”


Neha was further questioned of being an outsider and not knowing anyone in the industry did ever hamper her progress? On this she said, “You know it’s the fun of it. That’s what my learning has been, that no matter how tough the situation is… Whatever I was doing, I was figuring it out on my own.”

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Neha has starred in some amazing movies like Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010), Julie (2004), Singh Is Kinng (2008) and Tumhari Sulu (2017). Speaking about what is it that you require beyond talent to stay in the industry the actress said,  “Acting is a form of creative art, there is no qualification. Its not like being a doctor, you do a double MBBS, hypothetically speaking. My dad was a fauji, there is a qualification required. This is creative. It doesn’t have a huge measure, ki iss exam mein yeh grade chahiye tha, this much bright, weight, only then you get to. You can have arguments, but all I can do is speak for myself, not anybody else’s journey, craft or struggle I don’t know enough about. I am very happy,”

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