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Namrata opens up about Mahesh Babu wanting a non-working wife

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  • Ex-Miss India and superstar Namrata Shirodkar, who married megastar Mahesh Babu in 2005, admitted why she left acting after a wedding in a recent interview.

Mahesh Babu and his wifey, Namrata Shirodkar, are one of the most sought-after lovebirds in the South. They set significant couple and family goals. 

Also, it is renowned that Namrata, who was an ex-Miss India and top artist, left acting after the wedding and noted on many occasions that she had no qualms following it. 

Lately, yet again, the doting wife and mom, in a chat with reporter Prema disclosed that she picked family over everything as Mahesh Babu was obvious that he didn’t want a working wife.

Namrata Shirodkar on leaving acting after the wedding with Mahesh Babu

Disclosing why she stopped acting in the interview, one-time actress Namrata Shirodkar stated, “Because Mahesh Babu was obvious that he wanted a non-working wifey.”

“Actually, he would have told me to quit work if I were working in some office. There are specific things we had for each other.”

“We were pronounced that we would live in a flat first after the wedding because I was from Mumbai, and I didn’t know how I would fit into these big houses. I used to get nervous, so he shifted into a flat with me.”

“That was my necessity that if I came to Hyderabad, I would stay in a flat. Also, he obviously didn’t want me to work.”

“Which is why even we took some time so that I complete filming for all my movies. When we got wedded, I had no work; I finished up all my pending films. We were clear. There was a lot of transparency among us.”

Speaks on plans for an acting comeback

Namrata even further said that she and Mahesh wanted to have children soon after the wedding and that daughter Sitara is an ‘unplanned baby’. 

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