Mumbai Student Shocks All, Clears SSC Examination With 35 Marks In All Subjects

We always come across a person who aces the game of clearing the examinations without putting in much effort in studying. Whereas others go around studying each detail and still end up not scoring good marks.

A student from Mumbai has set the bar for all, by selective studying. He scored 35 marks in all subjects and ended up clearing the SSC examination.

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Akshit Yadav is a student of Shanti Nagar High School situated on Mira Road Mumbai. This kid opted for selective studying procedure and managed to clear his SSC examination through this. He scored 35/100 in all subjects. His father further said that “He was surprised to see his score, as he was expecting 55 percent”.

This kid is definitely no less than a star, he gained limelight amongst the local media channels. The media people are rushing to his place in order to interview him regarding the same.