Maverick McFly, Focusing on Creating Uniqueness

Maverick Bailey aka Maverick McFly has made a name for himself in the hip-hop industry. He is an exceptional artist and producer, who has collaborated with some of the big shots of the industry. So a lot of folks can recognize his work, vibe to it but might not know his name or what he looks like. Introducing you all to Maverick McFly the mind and soul behind some amazing productions by Tony Williams’s “Dreaming of your Love”; Veneno’s “Dassina” for Star Trek Entertainment; Richard Bedford’s “Jesse Ventura” for Ultra Records and many more.

Music was not a new thing in his family, his family has been a musical family right from the beginning. “My mother and my older brother, who was signed to Def Jam and No Limit,” Maverick McFly said. Coming from a family of great musicians music surely runs through his veins. With countless such hits under Maverick McFly’s belt, he is the person that took this music interest of his family to another level. He also holds great interest in crypto investing, basketball and is also an avid traveler.

The music industry is not fair to everybody and getting discouraged by this can really sabotage your chances to make it to the top. Maverick McFly has been experimenting with soo many different styles and is always keen on learning all this industry can offer. “You always have to recreate yourself to stand out,” Maverick claimed. He has defined himself, created spare time to learn to use different styles from every genre to come up with a variety of sounds so that he can stand out from the crowd and the world.

Check out some latest updates about his music at https://www.instagram.com/maverickmcfly/?hl=en

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