Fan Creates Hilarious Twitter Thread Comparing Mariah Carey’s Outfits To Champagne Bottles

Mariah Carey known as one of the most successful American female singers and songwriters. She has been an outstanding entrepreneur and record producer.  She a great actor, as well as a huge fan, following.

The singer has many fans who love to pay tribute to her in their own way and one such fan started a thread on Twitter “Mariah Carey as Champagne bottles: A Thread”.

As the diva has a superb sense of style and her dressing sense is just awesome, fans were totally amazed with her outfits. Superfan name Chris, goes on the Twitter handle @extrapettychris, gave the singing legend the ultimate ‘pops’ with the thread. Twitter titled “Mariah Carey as Champagne bottles: A Thread” the Twitter user went to great lengths to match the diva’s outfits perfectly.

Now such a work of art deserves recognition, Mariah also went out of her way to tweet her dedicated follower and wrote: “Oh dear, here we go again”

Here are some of the pictures between the outfits of Mariah Carey and Champagne bottles:

Check Mariah Carey tweet: