Kesineni Sivanath into active politics, Will YSRCP welcome Nani?  

With the incumbent MP, Kesineni Nani’s political antics causing a great deal of controversy, the TDP’s internal politics in the Vijayawada parliamentary constituency appear to be in serious turmoil. Kesineni Nani, who has long-standing problems with his own party’s leaders, has generated doubt among the cadre about his continued association with the TDP. Leaders and members of the cadre are discussing whether he will join the YSRCP, the current party in power. Such worries are not without substance and are quite significant.

Nani, who unsuccessfully contested for Prajarajyam in the 2009 election, afterwards joined the TDP. He won two elections as a TDP representative. He encouraged his daughter to run in the Vijayawada Corporation elections, and she won. However, Kesineni, who has alienated everyone in the party over the past several days, has raised questions about his devotion to the TDP. Despite the fact that his actions indicate that he is disinterested in staying in politics, the TDP cadre is uncertain about his allegiance to the YSRCP. Previously, he had attempted to join the BJP and met major BJP leaders in Delhi for internal discussions. Kesineni removed the photograph of Chandrababu from the building’s facade and replaced it with a photograph of himself and Ratan Tata. Adding to the uncertainty among the cadre, he had the photographs of the leaders of the seven assembly seats inside the parliamentary district, as well as those of other notable people, removed. They were replaced with images of Kesineni Nani’s service efforts that were supported by the Ratan Tata Trust. This has now caused a broader controversy, leaving him isolated inside the party’s structure.

Kesineni Nani has been away from party activities for quite a long time. It has been reported that Kesineni Nani has informed the party supremo that he wishes to leave politics and asked the party leadership to seek a new contestant for the upcoming elections. The leaders from Vijayawada, including Bonda Uma, Nagulmeera, Buddha Venkanna, and others, were not in sync with Kesineni for long. The Vijayawada Corporation election manifested this discordance blatantly, with Kesineni taking his own decisions without even consulting the party president, Chandrababu Naidu. This made the other leaders come out openly in the media attacking Kesineni’s unilateral and authoritarian approach. Even Chandrababu, who was uncomfortable about the Kesineni affair, did not stop the leaders from criticising him.

Nani and his own brother, Kesineni Developers CEO Kesineni Sivanath, also known as Kesineni Chinni, do not get along. Kesineni Chinni is meeting with party cadres who oppose Nani’s unilateral tactics. Even the constituency in-charges meet with Chinni rather than Nani to discuss party policies. The party supremacy acknowledged and indicated that Kesineni Shivanath is also organising party events with his own money.

According to reports, party chief Chandrababu personally congratulated him which implies that the party’s leader has also pushed Kesineni Nani aside.  Kesineni Sivanath might be contesting as MP from NTR District in the coming elections. In this situation, Nani looks to be finding for an alternative political platform. Even if he joins the BJP, the party will have little influence in the AP. He is attempting to contact party leaders because he believes the YSR Congress party would be the best solution. But because Kesineni Nani has been harshly critical of the YCP government in the past, the YCP is not likely to welcome him with open arms.

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