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It’s tough to leave Ziana at home says Charu Asopa

Key Takeaways:

  • Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have decided to get divorced. Ziana, their infant daughter, has just turned one.
  • Entertainment News has widely reported the news of Charu Asopa’s separation from Rajeev Sen. The actress is advancing in her career.

Rajeev Sen and also Charu Asopa have decided to divorce. They have a young daughter named Ziana, who just turned one. After Ziana divorced her husband, Charu has been caring for her. 

For some time, the actress was absent from television. Now that she has a project, she is eager to resume work. Charu Asopa is a little anxious about leaving her daughter at home while she heads to work. 

In her most recent interview, Charu also talked about her difficulties getting back on her feet and looking for work.

Charu Asopa is eager to return to work.

The news has been all over Entertainment News about Charu Asopa’s split from Rajeev Sen. The actress is now moving forward with her career. 

She has finally secured a job and a TV show and is eager to start. Charu is excited to start working again because it has been a while since she last appeared on television.

It's tough to leave Ziana at home says Charu Asopa
It’s tough to leave Ziana at home says Charu Asopa. Image from The Indian Express

On leaving Ziana and heading to work, Charu Asopa.

Charu Asopa is still anxious despite being the mother of a young daughter. The actress admits that this will be the first time Ziana is home while she is away on business. 

She told ETimes, “I know I’ve taken care of everything and managed everything, but there’s still a nervousness in the back of my mind.”

Charu Asopa on her difficulties in the auditions

Charu Asopa disclosed that she had started going for job roles. The actress described how her weight gain would come up in conversation. 

The actress remembers how the elderly people she previously worked with would draw attention to it. Everyone knows that I used to be extremely thin, and now when they see me, they say, “Oh, you’ve put on weight,” she continues. 

Charu started exercising and living a healthy lifestyle after that. People are now complimenting her.

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