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It seems like Amber heard still can’t get enough of Johnny Depp. She need more trials

Key Takeaways:

  • According to them, the judgment will have a “chilling effect” on women who try to speak out against the mistreatment by influential men.
  •  In his response to the court documents, Johnny stated that he was the one who had experienced abuse in the couple’s relationship.

Amber Heard’s attorneys have reportedly filed a new 68-page appeal against Johnny Depp less than a month after he objected to Amber Heard being awarded $2 million in their well-known defamation case. 

They claim that the verdict will have a “chilling effect” on women attempting to speak out against the abuse by powerful men.

According to a recent report, Amber claimed that excluding some of her therapy notes, which she described being abused by Johnny, led to an unfair trial when she filed her appeal in a Virginia court in the US.

Amber’s new attorneys, Jay Ward Brown and David L Axelrod replied in the Nov 23 filed document, “The trial court erroneously denied to dismiss this action on the grounds of forum non-conveniens, based on its mistaken conclusion that Depp’s lawsuits occurred in Virginia because the Washington Post’s servers are found here,” according to Deadline.

Amber Heard’s legal team raised issues with Judge Penney Azcarate’s decision to disregard some of the “highly probative” evidence, which included thorough therapist notes that detail the allegations of abuse.

The 68-page document claimed that the case “should never have gone to trial because a further court had already found that Depp had repeatedly abused Heard.”

The appealed court document now seeks to have Amber Heard’s more than $10 million verdict against her reversed or thrown out for requesting a new trial. 

It seems like Amber heard still can't get enough of Johnny Depp.
It seems like Amber heard still can’t get enough of Johnny Depp. Image from Free Press Journal

The document claims that “the trial court also erred in overruling Amber Heard’s demurrer.” She claimed in it that the contested statements are non-actionable expressions of opinion and aren’t really able to convey the alleged defamatory implication.

Due to Amber’s op-ed in The Washington Post from 2018, in which she stated about being a “public figure representing domestic abuse,” Johnny sued her for $50 million in March 2019. 

Johnny had claimed that he was the one who experienced abuse in the couple’s relationship in his follow-up to the court documents. 

Following a seven-week defamation trial, Johnny won and received $10 million in compensatory damages as well as $5 million in punitive damages. 

The punitive damages, already the highest in the State, were further reduced to $350,000. Amber, however, also received $2 million in compensation for her losses.

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