International Boxing Promoter Amjad Khan to introduce the 6th Edition Pro fight AKBTC under the mentor of the world class business tycoon Sahil Peerzada and Sandeep Marwha founders Marwha Studio

Amjad Khan the international boxing champion from Uttar Pradesh, having boxing in his blood served the Indian army as a boxer for 3years, being an amateur boxer he has won a number of medals in various boxing championships.

Amjad is the first young Indian boxer promoting boxing being a philanthropist with Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation and inspiring the young generation to opt boxing as a career, and training them for professional boxing competition worldwide

Under the mentorship of the well renowned business magnate Sahil Peerzada, Amjad is all set to withhold the 6th edition Pro-fight that will be held in Noida under the supervision of event influencer Sohrab Pal. Boxing Cocah Chandan Singh

Team AKBTC The event is supported by one the top brands of the country also being in association with the Indian boxing council who has been providing thorough support for its promotions.