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Here’s who will portray the Legendary Martial Artist Bruce Lee’s biopic 

Key takeaways: 

  • Ang Lee, on driving Bruce Lee’s biopic, revealed, “I feel forced to tell the tale of this brilliant, amazing human being, who, through tenacious hard work, made impossible goals into reality.”
  • Ang Lee honoured Bruce Lee, stating how he “was a bridge between East and West, who revolutionized both the martial arts and action movies.”

A biopic on Bruce Lee is coming! According to Deadline, Ang Lee has been tapped to lead the epic based on the icon martial artist and actor. 

As everyone is familiar, Bruce Lee – a pop culture hero of the 20th century – bridged the gap between East and West with classic movies like Fist of Fury and Entered the Dragon under his impressive repertoire. As for who is portraying the late Jeet Kune Do founder…

Who is Playing Bruce Lee in His Biopic?

It’s none other than Ang Lee’s son Mason Lee who will be playing Bruce Lee in the forthcoming biopic. The 32-year-old actor was featured in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, The Hangover Part II, the Taiwanese romantic humour Stand By Me, the Hong Kong acting Limbo and Who Killed Cock Robin (Mu Ji Zhe).

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon director – who has long desired to delve into the making-of-a-legend tale – has been calmly working on the Bruce Lee biopic for quite a long. This also has prepared his son for action, with Mason training to portray the legendary martial artist in Asia for the previous three years, all through the lockdown.

Ang Lee Honours Bruce Lee in Statement Regarding Upcoming Biopic

In a comment to Deadline about the highly-awaited biopic, Ang Lee was all recognition for Bruce Lee and his matchless achievements: “Accepted as neither completely American nor entirely Chinese, Bruce Lee was a bridge between East and West who taught Chinese Kung Fu to the world, a scientist of action and an iconic performing artist who revolutionized both the martial arts and action theatre.”

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