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Here’s what Ranveer Singh has to say on struggle and Deepika Padukone 

Key takeaways: 

  • Ranveer Singh on relating with Deepika Padukone over denials and struggle: She came from the outside too.

In a recent chat, Ranveer Singh spoke about why he was able to relate with Deepika Padukone and how the duo had to work their way up in the entertainment industry.

The two make for a cute couple, and their love-filled photos and social media banter never fail to make buffs gush over the two of them. 

The two first met each other in 2012, and after dating for some years, they married each other in 2018. In a recent chat, Ranveer talked about how Deepika and I had to work our way up in the entertainment industry and related it.

Ranveer Singh admits he related with Deepika Padukone over similar ventures

In a chat with Esquire Singapore, Ranveer Singh spoke about the people around him who keep him dropped. He said he has a close-knit circle, including his family and pals. 

He also said that Deepika is also grounded and that her family remains away from the spotlight. 

“They’re like, as you told, a very austere middle-class to an upper-middle-class family, and they’re centred and grounded people,” he revealed. He said that just like him, Deepika Padukone has arrived from the outside and doesn’t belong to a family of superstars. They both went through similar efforts and backgrounds and thus tied over it.

She’s also had to come her way up in the entertainment industry. She’s that story of packing a suitcase and reaching the big, wrong city. We’ve both related over the denials, the scandals, the struggle, the dependence on one’s supporting family, etc.,” he said. 

Ranveer also said that his support system of friends and family is a massive reason he is so grounded.

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