Harsha Bhogle Gets Trolled For Pronunciation Of Pandya, Read His Awesome Reply

Harsha Bhogle is one of the most popular commentators in the world. We all love him for his awesome works. Whenever he gets into something bad, people give him immense support.

Without a doubt he is a Wikipedia of cricket, his knowledge of the game makes him best commentators in India. Recently, he became the target of Social media trolling. Someone tried to troll the actor for pronunciation error, and people have shown their displeasure to his insult.

Someone took Twitter to troll the ace commentators. The Troller was not happy with the way he pronounced “Pandya”. He asked Harsha to pronounce the name of Hardik Pandya properly. He even used some abusive language towards Bhogle. His Tweet reads, ” @bhogleharsha Dude man. As an Indian, u shud know how to say Indian names right. It’s Paandya not Pandya. Pls it’s f**ing annoying 2 da ear”

Here is his Tweet

Now it seems that Harsha could not avoid the tweet. He took his official handle to reply to the troll. His Tweet reads, ” Does anyone want to tell this poor fellow he might need to be corrected?”

Nowadays, the troll has become common. Every now and then celebrities get trolled for various reasons. Most of the celebs tend to ignore these kinds of trolls, but some of them give a befitting reply when it crosses the limit.

Bhogle could have ignored the Tweet, but he decided to give an answer to the Troll. We are very happy that he gave an awesome reply. Bhogle has once again proved he is a boss. The ace and popular commentator has shut the Troller Like a BOSS.

Twitter started giving support to Harsha as soon as the incident happened.

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