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Filmymantra’s review of the David Harbour starrer Violent Night

Key takeaways: 

  • The action-comedy Christmas movie is made by Tommy Wirkola and sees Harbour with a bloody twist saving the day. 
  • Violent Night is loaded to the brim with many genres all clad up under the shroud of Christmas.

Santa Claus (David Harbour) is a cranky old man who condemns video game-obsessed children for being greedy. 

Between getting drunk, vomiting on bartenders and peeing atop his sleigh, Santa still begrudgingly meets the wants of kids who were “pleasant” this year. 

This is how he ends up in the Lightstone villa, the polish of “nice” Trudy (Leah Brady), business hothead Gertrude Lightstone’s (Beverly D’Angelo) favoured granddaughter. Yet, the Lightstone House has been plagued by the “mischievous” Scrooge (John Leguizamo) and his lackeys (undercover Lightstone staff), who have the Lightstone clan hostage to rob USD 300 million from the locker. 

The Lightstone family has its group of wacky-sane members; Gertrude’s active son and Trudy’s dad Jason (Alex Hassell), Jason’s estranged, prudent wife Linda Matthews (Alexis Louder), Gertrude’s dysfunctional kid Alva (Edi Patterson), Alva’s ‘wannabe’ celeb husband and irritating TikToker son Morgan Steele (Cam Gigandet) and Bertrude (Alexander Elliot), respectively. 

Upon Trudy’s request for help, Santa is obliged to defeat the bad fellows in this R-rated Home Alone meets Die Hard Christmas action-humour.

With the innumerable “feel good” Christmas flicks making the rounds this festive period, Violent Night is a whiff of fresh air.

From the get-go, the Tommy Wirkola directorial clarifies that you’re either all in or out when Santa Claus throws onto an unlucky bartender. David Harbour – known as Chief Hopper from Stranger Things – gets his sole time to shimmer in Violent Night as mercenary Santa Claus, and he drives wild with it. 

David has a captivating screen presence on any screen we see him. 

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